Learning Online

We believe using high quality, online resources is key to supporting student learning. At Kaingaroa School we have a number of subscriptions to online, learning websites which students are able to access both at school and at home. Students can sign in on a computer or the apps could be downloaded onto an iPad or tablet. If you are unsure of your child's log in details get in touch with their classroom teacher.


Visit Mathletics here

Mathletics provides all students with activities to complete in number, algebra and strand maths areas (measurement, geometry, statistics). They can practise basic facts and compete in 'live mathletics' to build fluency. Teachers are able to differentiate by assigning activities based on students' next learning needs.

Visit Reading Eggs here

Reading Eggs is an engaging and interactive website provided for junior students (New Entrant through to Year 2) in order to develop their knowledge and confidence of phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension at an individualised pace. Students love being rewarded with golden eggs when they make progress and listening to the songs.

Visit Bug Club here

Bug Club is another literacy programme available for all students to develop fluency and reading comprehension. Again, students can complete both at school and at home. Teachers have assigned your child texts to match their reading ability.


Visit Teacher Tools here

Teacher tools is linked directly to the numeracy project which students are taught from Years 1-8. It provides short videos explaining strategies in addition/subtraction, multiplication/division and proportions/ratio. It also has basic facts games! Teacher Tools is a great site for whanau to view what is being taught at school.