Digital Learning

The integrated use of digital tools in the classroom programme increases student engagement, the ability to learn in a personalised way and prepares our children for their future in the 21st century. Kaingaroa School is highly resourced in the area of digital technology and compliments effective teaching amongst other learning tools.

Digital technology includes:

  • iPads in each class

  • Laptops and chrome books

  • Apple TV in every class

  • Google apps throughout the school

  • Ultra-fast broadband

  • Wireless internet connection

Class blog sites

Cybersafety at Kaingaroa School

We have a Cybersafety use agreement to be followed by everyone who uses the Internet at Kaingaroa School. This will be provided to each child’s parents when they are first enrolled. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that their child knows about and understands this code of conduct. The parents/caregivers and students are asked to sign to say that their child understands the code. Internet usage is such an important part of everyday life and learning for this generation of children. It is important that parents support the school in ensuring that student behaviour online is responsible and respectful. You can view this document here.

We have introduced a new system for all chromebooks called Hapara. Hapara supports teachers to be able to monitor all our students’ work online and enables the teacher to track any sites the students have visited. There is a strong focus at the senior end of the school on working safely online under the Kia Kaha programme and promoting student self management.